New York, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blanchetta  2 Oct 1909New York, United States P2377 Hughes 
2 Alexander, Eleanor Butler  1890New York, United States P1592 Hughes 
3 Ham, Clara Welch  8 Oct 1905New York, United States P1429 Hughes 
4 Kellogg, Anna Marie  1807New York, United States P2311 Hughes 
5 Livingston, Alida  13 May 1716New York, United States P1055 Hughes 
6 Milton, Marilyn Ellen  21 Jun 1931New York, United States P2374 Hughes 
7 Potter, Anne "Fifi" Urquhart Potter  14 Nov 1879New York, United States P2405 Hughes 
8 Prentice, John Rockefeller  17 Dec 1902New York, United States P2366 Hughes 
9 Prentice, Mary Adeline  29 Nov 1907New York, United States P2365 Hughes 
10 Prentice, Spelman  15 Apr 1911New York, United States P2364 Hughes 
11 Rockefeller, John Davison "Jay" IV   P2375 Hughes 
12 Rumrill, Sarah Elizabeth  7 Feb 1853New York, United States P2411 Hughes 
13 Stauffer, Laure Jeanne  9 December 1931New York, United States P1432 Hughes 
14 Stillman, Alexander  29 Sep 1911New York, United States P2410 Hughes 
15 Stillman, Anne  28 Feb 1902New York, United States P2409 Hughes 
16 Stillman, Guy  7 Nov 1918New York, United States P2406 Hughes 
17 Stillman, James  1904New York, United States P2408 Hughes 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Isham, Mary Adeline  26 May 1913New York, United States P2401 Hughes 
2 Prentice, Ezra Parmalee  17 Dec 1955New York, United States P2363 Hughes 
3 Rockefeller, Alta  22 Jun 1962New York, United States P2355 Hughes 
4 Rumrill, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Nov 1925New York, United States P2411 Hughes 
5 Stillman, James Alexander  13 Jan 1944New York, United States P2407 Hughes 
6 Stillman, James Jewett  15 Mar 1918New York, United States P2412 Hughes 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bush / Fay  24 Feb 1859New York, United States F785 Hughes 
2 Roosevelt / Alexander  20 Jun 1910New York, United States F456 Hughes